December 24, 2020

Android R Update for Redmi Note 7

Changelog For PE:

  • Beta Build
  • December Security Patch
  • Upstreamed kernel to 4.4.248
  • Switched to EAS (HMP giving weird issues)
  • Hotspot Problem Fixed
  • Cast should be fixed as well ( this is extended support and pixels don’t support this feature , if its not working for you , the only way you can help yourself is by giving more logcats , or i shall consider dropping this feature on future updates)
  • Widevine L3 by default ( Yes , L1 doesn’t work , or maybe will not work anymore)
  • Overall everything should be working now that weren’t working on previous build.

Anything else you looking for?

  • This is Beta build and you might find bugs more than it is mentioned.
  • From now on , official support on telegram(lavender group) is removed , so if you have any questions/queries or anyway you wanna help you might wanna contact me on XDA or post a logcat on

  • Remember I will not be using telegram anymore so asking or looking for me on telegram will be pointless.
  • Ram management issues? Maybe this ROM is not something you are looking for ( if you are a 3gb user) This is PE , i don’t know why would anyone expect this ROM without Google Apps which are really heavy. If i have any solution to this in near future, i will fix it.
  • Thank you and cheers!